Lucky is a 2-3 year old German Shepherd mix. He gets along well with other dogs and loves people. He also loves toys and balls that squeak and people who throw them for him to chase. We believe he was house trained but can’t be sure since he’s not yet in foster care. We also don’t know about his house manners.

Lucky is a very happy dog. He loves people and loves to play. When he’s by himself he tosses his squeak toys in the air and catches them. He loves going out on hikes and car rides. He is happiest when he is active or gnawing on a knuckle bone. We think he would love going to the beach and romping in the surf, playing in the yard, going jogging, all the things active dogs like to do. He is a sweet and beautiful boy who needs a home and family to love him and bring out the best in him. 

​If you are interested in meeting Lucky please complete an adoption or foster application.