Terms of Volunteering

I agree to honor my commitments to Happy Hearts German Shepherd Rescue if selected to participate as a volunteer.  I will follow all the rules of Happy Hearts German Shepherd Rescue, and represent the rescue in a professional manner.

Rescue animals are, by their nature, unpredictable in behavior.  Happy Hearts German Shepherd Rescue does not know, nor can it reasonably investigate, the behavior of every dog it rescues with which you may come in contact.  Accordingly, you as a volunteer, agree to the following conditions:

I hereby expressly agree to assume the risk of personal injury in the course of my volunteer work with Happy Hearts German Shepherd Rescue, no matter how caused, including such injury that may occur due to dog bites, scratches or communicable diseases.  I also agree to hold Happy Hearts German Shepherd Rescue, its officers, directors, employees, boarding facilities and volunteers forever harmless for any injury whatsoever that I may suffer as a result of my volunteer activities with Happy Hearts German Shepherd Rescue.

I agree that any animal rescued by Happy Hearts German Shepherd Rescue is solely owned by and is the property of Happy Hearts German Shepherd Rescue.  As a volunteer of this organization I will not withhold, sell or give away any animal entrusted to me by the organization.

I will not rescue any stray or shelter animal in the name of Happy Hearts German Shepherd Rescue without prior authorization from a director, officer or employee of the organization.
Disclaimer:  During your volunteering with Happy Hearts German Shepherd Rescue, you may have access to confidential information.  You agree that you will keep all of this information strictly confidential and refrain from disclosing it to anyone outside the Organization.  In addition, you agree that, upon conclusion of your volunteering period, you will immediately return to the Organization all of its property, equipment, and documents, including electronically stored information.

By submitting this application you agree to the Terms as written below.

Volunteer Application   STOP!  This is NOT the Foster Application 

This application has been designed to help us determine what kind of volunteer work is right for you and good for our dogs. YOU MUST PUT AN ANSWER IN EVERY FIELD OR THE APPLICATION WILL NOT SUBMIT. Please answer each question completely.  If the question does not apply to you, please mark "N/A", except for phone numbers & email addresses, which must contain a phone number or email address.  If you have any problems completing this application, and you believe you have followed these instructions, please email HappyHeartsGSDRescue@gmail.com for assistance. 

a non profit 501c(3) organization

NOTE:  Failure to fill in ALL REQUIRED FIELDS will prevent the application from being submitted.